Pep-Start your day with Clinique New Collection!

2:18:00 PM

Introducing this new colourful collection that comprise of multi-tasking products with unique textures and instant benefits. It's so colourful, it's so good!

I mean who doesn't love multi-tasking products right? When you can get 2 skin care into 1 step only? And getting 2 benefits by buying 1 product only? Isn't it such a good deal? :D

I was glad to have join their Fitness Rave event at Sunway Pyramid last weekend, I really enjoyed a lot during the Zumba! Now I hesitate about getting Zumba classes LOL.

During the event, guests were welcomed to an energetic Zumba session, exercising to exhilarating music pepping and boosting the body and mind with positive vibes to kick start the weekend.

YES, I am the one wearing Pink jacket LOL. Sorry I wasn't trying to be outstanding...really...I didn't mean it :D

So, back to the topic, talking about the Pep-Start collection, it consists of :

- Pep-Start 2-in-1 Exfoliating Cleanser
- Pep-Start Eye Cream
- Pep-Start HydroBlur Moisturiser

By introducing this New Pep-Start Collection, Clinique wish that every Pep-Start girl could be energetic, on-the-go and living life to the fullest. A girl who truly embraces a ready for anything lifestyle and an avid multi-tasker. A girl who wants to do and says yes to everything, whether it is 9AM or 9PM, she is ever ready at a moment's notice and seeks products that complement her style!

Hosted by Megan Tan with a vivacious personality that brings to life the spirit of Pep-Start range, she engages the attendees in interactive sessions spreading the energizing benefits of the Pep-Start Exfoliating Cleanser, Eye Cream and HydroBlur Moisturizer.

Pep-Start 2-in-1 Exfoliating Cleanser RM 95

The 2-in-1 allow you to cleanse and exfoliate at the same time in just one step, it refreshes skin by removing dirt, oil and debris in order to provide the perfect canvas for flawless foundation application. Spot that small little beads? Which works to exfoliate in a very mild and soft way.

Pep-Start HydroBlur Moisturizer  RM 130

A moisturizer that get your skin ready for the perfect foundation! Works to moisture and as a make-up base, it instantly blurs pores and imperfections, Melts into skin for instant and all day hydration while leaving skin with a soft, velvety matte finish. What's more? Providing the long lasting oil control to your skin too!

Pep-Start Eye Cream  RM 130

An eye cream that works to hydrates and as a primes. It will brightens, hydrates, de-puffs and smooths the delicate and instantly perks up the eye area!

Have you heard of Clinique New Collection - Pep-Start? If you haven't, you should probably check out the nearest store to find out more!

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  1. The packaging is really colourful and eye-catching. BTW, you stood out in your pink sweated. LOL

  2. Absolutely loved the eye cream that was used in this range. Shows a lot of promise and in the long run, it has quite a significant improvement on the skin's eye texture as well.

  3. I used to love using clinique and I think it is a great brand... will check out this new range...

  4. I used to love using clinique and I think it is a great brand... will check out this new range...

  5. I have seen this colorful products at their store. Love to meet Megan Tan again one day she's so pretty

  6. I've used quite q few Clinique men products. Really good quality. :)

  7. The clinque series looks so tempting because i always need moisturising product ! Will check out this at their store ^^

  8. I read so many good reviews about this brand, plan to give it a try as well :)

  9. Heard so much about the range. It sounds promising and really good ! Might give it a try

  10. clique.. such a reputable brand. nice new range

  11. i like this new range too so much convenient for rushing people

  12. Clinique is a good product for Asians' skin and proven to be great too.