Play Jigsaw Puzzles to kill Travel Time!

2:45:00 PM

I've been travelling for quite some time and every time before I started my journey, I would think of load of stuffs to do to kill the travel time. It doesn't matter if I am taking a flight, a train or a bus ride, whenever I feel bored, the time passes even slower!

Talking about taking a flight, during in-flight you might not be bored with the entertainment, but when you're in a transit for 3-4 hours in the middle of the night whereby all shops are closed in the airport, even 5 minutes feel like 50 minutes.

If this situation ever happen to you, here I have a good suggestion for you :)

My recent found out about - JS Puzzles Website.

JS Puzzles is a gaming website born out of a love for jigsaw puzzles. Well, who never play Jigsaw Puzzles before? I doubt that.

JS Puzzles is so easy to navigate, and its totally FREE for sign up and usage! The fun fact about JS Puzzles is that you get to create your own puzzles :)

By signing up up a free account, you can continue to create your own Jigsaw Puzzles pieces, even selecting how you want it to be, whether in 25,36 or 49 pieces!

Now, scroll down and let me show you how :-

Here's my BigBang Jigsaw Puzzles example! It will even calculate the completion time :)
Isn't it the best way to kill your time by playing your very own Jigsaw Puzzles? 

 Go on and try it out!

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