My wonderful Everland Theme Park trip in Seoul!

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Seeing how much fun that RunningMan having in Everland Theme Park, I have always wanted to visiti it but I never really get a chance to do so, shame to say, even after 4 times to Seoul LOL. 

Finally, last but not least, during my 5th visit to Seoul, I MADE IT to Everland! Woohoo :D

We're lucky enough to visit at the right time with less visitors. Well, that really matters a lot where you will skip the usual Long Queue!

Everland is a theme park at the Everland Resort in Yongin, a city in Gyeonggi-do province, South Korea. Being the largest theme park in South Korea, with 7.3 million visitors, Everland ranked 16th in the world for amusement park attendance in 2014.

The site map of Everland :

Everland Theme Park is basically H-U-G-E, its divided into five zones : Global Fair, Zoo-Topia, European Adventure, Magic Land and American Adventure. Walking from one zone to another, with such hot weather, almost got me crippled........

Global Fair

The first site after entering from entrance, Global Fair is primarily a place for food, souvenirs and pictures as visitors make their way into and out of the park. There are 3 attractions for VR adventure, Live Hologram Theater & Pororo 3D adventure.


Thought I wouldn't enjoy much on this zone, but I was totally wrong! I enjoy the most in Zootoopia. Upon entering the Safari World with bus ride, there were so many Tigers & Lions, even Bears! 

Next, the Lost Valley, where you get to see more friendly animals such as Giraffe, Zebra, Horse etc. With Zero distance, you'll see a giraffe being fed from our bus!

Moving on was my favorite part, or I should say, everyone's favorite, the Panda World :) Everland Panda World was newly open this year in 2016, 2 (TWO) Pandas, named "Ai Bao" (爱宝) & "Le Bao" (乐宝). If you are lucky enough like us, you will get to see the pandas gorging on bamboo leaves on top of a wooden structure, climbing to the end of a branch that almost looks too thin to support their weight — about 100 kilograms (220 pounds) — and even pooping. They are just ADORABLE! Watch my video below :)

European Adventure

One of the most exciting ride in Everland Theme Park was here in European Adventure - T Express, a wooden roller coaster.

I wouldn't say I have done playing with many roller coaster, but out of all that I had experienced, this is one of the BEST! Trust me, you have to try this, the speed will not allow you to take even one second rest after the first slope :D

T Express is one of the most popular ride in Everland, makes it the longest queue to take a ride, I heard from my Korean friend that he queued up 3 (THREE) hours just for 1 (ONE) ride O-M-G!

However, there's one way to skip the long queue by purchasing Q-PASS. Imagine when you need to queue 3 hours for one ride, I'm not sure how much time you left for other attractions!

There are 4 different Q Pass available for all 4 popular rides in Everland.

Q-Pass for Amazon Express (Limited to 20 passes per day): ₩20,000
Q-Pass for T Express (Limited to 20 passes per day): ₩20,000
Q-Pass for Safari World (Limited to 20 passes per day): ₩20,000
Q-Pass for Lost Valley (Limited to 20 passes per day): ₩20,000

Magic Land

Moving forward, here in Magic Land, there's another popular ride named "Thunder Fall". Be prepare to get a little wet :) A little tips, lower the chance of getting wet by sitting behind.

American Adventure

Want more excitement? Well in this zone, you'll find Double Rock Spin, Let’s Twist, Hurricane, Championship Rodeo, Columbus Adventure etc.

Columbus Adventure

Special Event - Summer Jack's Splash Parade

A feast of cool water shown by Jack and Donna, the place of  “Water Battle” having fun together with actors by water gun

It seems like the local Koreans love this water splash event, they even prepare raincoat and water gun for it! Too bad, we weren't much into it, hence we runaway from this event LOL. 

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  1. alw wanna go korea!! whats more the theme park !! thanks for sharing this dear !

  2. THanks for sharing! i think i will add Everland Theme Park in my itinerary next time!

  3. wow....fun trip!!! I can refer your blog!! I will travel to korea soon!!

  4. It's looks so fun~ but too bad, Seoul is not one of the top 10 cities that I wish to travel right now~
    Maybe few years later I will consider it~ ><