AmezCare, the Bio Herbal Functional Sanitary Pads Napkins.

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I believe most of us didn't really care so much when comes to buying sanitary pads, just like myself.. the only thing that I care about is with or without "wings", day and night wear, the length or the absorption. 

When I come to know about this brand name "AmezCare", that's when I come to know more about sanitary pad :D We should have treated ourselves with better care!

Amez Care Bio Herbal Functional Sanitary Pads Napkins Company Specializes in All-Natural Products That Will Increase Comfort and Optimize the Health of Women Everywhere.

There are 5 herbal ingredients used to produce the napkins :

- Aloe Vera, deemed as the “Plant of Immortality” by the Ancient Egyptians, is an exceptionally powerful herbal product that has the ability to positively impact the health of a female and contains a high level of antiseptic properties and has the ability to cleanse in a natural and thorough manner. Not only does it contain over 75 unique nutrients, but, it also contains two hormones – Auxin and Gibberellins. 

- Peppermint, an herbal product that effectively acts as an antiseptic and antibacterial agent. When it comes in contact with the skin, it soothes itching, irritation, pain, and infections. Peppermint has been used throughout the years as an effective cleansing agent. Women that experience painful cramps, headaches, and moodiness with their menstrual cycle may benefit immensely from exposure to peppermint.

- Tea Plant extract, used to alleviate the symptoms of many pain-related illnesses and has also been used to optimize the immune system. Tea Plant extract inhibits the development of blood clots – which are the leading cause of both heart attack and stroke. It lowers blood sugar levels, sterilizes numerous bacteria types, and restricts the formation of harmful cholesterol. 

Chamomile Oil, acts as a mood-lifter. Women often experience various mood fluctuations during their period. This will help raise the spirits and eliminate any accompanying depression. This oil has been deemed to be an appropriate treatment for enhancing blood circulation, reducing inflammation, and eliminating high blood pressure.

- Lavender, aids in relieving pain, alleviating nervous-based tension, relaxing the body, and treating respiratory complications. Women who are subjected to this herbal ingredient during their menstrual cycle will find that they are calmer, experience fewer bouts with cramping, are not nervous, and do not experience high levels of anxiety. Furthermore, due to the increased levels of relaxation, the female will find that she is able to enjoy a deeper, more restful sleep.

AmezCare is available and selling in Malaysia's market now with price range from RM 9.90 - 12.90! You can purchase online from their website too! Click HERE for online purchasing :)

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