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I wouldn't say I am good in Art and Craft, but believe it or not, I am quite handy when comes to ART. During my childhood time, I've done numbers of drawing, sewing art, even DIY a tissue box with wood. Well even until now, I still keep some talent with me LOL. Again, I don't say I am good in doing it, but I would say I learnt fast in doing it :D

If you're following my Facebook or Instagram, you'll probably see me making so many FunArt with clay, and Yes, I enjoy it a lot :) Many of my friends have been asking where did I learn about this crafting art, so here I am writing about my experience in doing the Basic Cutie Figurine.

This is my first time ever in doing a clay art figurine, it might looks difficult to make it, but the process isn't that hard as long as you're patient enough while doing it, even a 5 year-old kid can do it,  so why can't you, right? 

Only by spending a 2-3 hours each day, depending on your speed, it could be done within 3-4 days.

Showing below is what done by a kid.

Yenji Clay Craft offers various of courses, and the one that I did name Basic Cutie. The concept of Yenji is to let you do the craft in a flexible way, you can go anytime you want and there will be a teacher awaiting.

Starting with few packets of clay, colour depends on what you're trying to craft, and for me, NO DOUBT, I am crafting BIGBANG TOP :) #whatbigbangdidtomylife

You'll first need to do the head of your figurine, and follow by drawing eyes on it. As easy as only 2 eyes but it took me 3 hours to complete that damn eyes LOL. Now don't ask me why the eyes are different colour, keep scrolling down and I shall show you why :D

After you've done the eyes, put the head aside and let it dry. Follow by doing the BODY SHAPE, both HANDS, then SHOES on. When comes to clothing time, its a bit complicated for me, because he wore like 3 layers, from inner Blue Shirt, Neck Tie, Vest and Jacket, I have to do it from in to out.

Finally, after all have been done, last part is to complete the hairstyle then you are good to go and let it all dry out :)

Ta-daaaa ~~ I am so happy and proud with the result :)

Basic Cutie

Learn the skills in crafting a Chibi bodied character with simplified anatomy and proportions. A stepping stone for beginners to humanoid character type crafting. Happy crafting!

Fee RM400

Up to 3 projects of your choice
*Materials are not included for normal classes
*Price subject to 6% GST.
*All projects shown are done by students.

Yenji Clay Craft has total of 6 (SIX) branches, I was at the Main Branch in Ikano Mutiara Damansara.

For More Information please visit :

Website : www.yenji.com.my / www.yenjiclaycraft.com
Facebook : www.facebook.com/yenjiclaycrafyofficial

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  1. Omg.. Love your Top doll... so adorable... Can stare for hours... hehehe

  2. Waa... i also wan make one! Your Top model looks cute! =)

  3. OMG so cool! Gurl, you got skills :)

  4. oh nice i love that you base your clay person on a real person and hey really looks like him. i hope you send him a pic of it!

  5. You really got talent. i dont think I can create anything like this

  6. Like the details of your clay work, good job :)

  7. This is really fun, i have tried once and i know it really need lots of patience to do it.