My trip to Dolce Vita Pension by G-Dragon

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Just so you can see in the picture, it was taken outside G-Crayon house with ice all around during winter time back in January 2015. Dolce Bita Pension ( In Korean, they don't have the pronunciation starts with V so it was replace with B instead ) is located in Pocheon, way in between a valley surrounded with green and a river running through it. It is a very quiet, peaceful, relaxing place which you will feel totally undisturbed away from busy city.

My sister and I are the huge fans of Big Bang, it is a M-U-S-T for a vip to pay a visit to Dolce Bita whenever we have the chance right? :) Ever since we heard about the news of this pension, we have been planning it on our next trip to South Korea, so during our 3rd time holidays to South Korea we've finally made it!

I am not sure about the reservation as it was all done by my sister LOL, but definitely you can make the reservation through official website http://www.dolcebita.co.kr/There are total of 10 rooms and G-Crayon room which was officially open up for public by then. The room's name were name after Big Bang's songs that G-Dragon wrote such as VIP, Cafe, Heaven, Haru Haru, Blue, Love Dust, Love Song, Tonight, This Love, and Butterfly.

There were 6 of us, hence we booked 3 of two-person rooms. I couldn't remember which room was it as the best part, we DID NOT stay in it eventually, and it was the best thing ever happen in this whole trip! You must be full of curiosity right? Be patient and read on ;)

We planned the stay in the middle of our trip as we're only going to stay for one night, I would strongly suggest you to do the same as it takes hours to reached Pocheon, it would be exhausting if you go directly after touched down from the airport. Thanks to all the Vips for their information, googled the direction and you will never get lost.

From Seoul subway, get to GangByeon Station on Line 2 and exit 2 to DongSeoul Bus Terminal. Walk in to the terminal and purchase a bus ticket to ILDONG (KRW 6600), I couldn't recall the schedule however it departed in every 30mins or 1hour. I am so glad that my sister and I both know how to read Korean, as it was a bit nasty when it comes to the disembark point. There were no sign of english at ILDONG bus station and it was quite a remote area. If you are afraid of wrong destination, you can always check with the driver before disembarking.

After arriving at ILDONG bus station, find a nearby public phone and give a call to the pension at 010-8384 8180 they will arrange a transport to pick you up, waiting point will be at Lotteria which was opposite of the disembark point if I am not mistaken.

Selfie first while waiting the others making the call heeheee :D

We've heard that some times, G-Dragon's father will comes to pick up the guests by himself, so we're praying hard to see him personallyand yay! It was so surprise to see Mr. Kwon Young-Hwan and we were all quite speechless in a bit... ... so my sister who was sitting in front, beside him starting to have a conversation with him, ahhhh he is so friendly. Well, I guess he is just so used to it, meeting with all of the vips around the world.

On the way to the pension, he dropped us in a mart nearby for some food hunting. Barbeque is a must anyway, as there will be nothing in the valley at night, and to walk out to the mart is like taking forever, so just prepare as much food as you could. So, we were happily shopping with Jiyong's father at the mart .. ... ))))

After we got in to the car, more surprise to come! He started to ask if we have booked 3 of two-person rooms with only 5 of you here now ( as one of our friend drop out the trip & couldn't join us ), my sister answered yes it was only five of us. Follow by the conversation, he offered us to stay in G-Crayon instead of that 3 rooms since it's just five of us !! Another surprise scene, we all know how much is that room cost, so my sister answer "it is expensive", but then he said "No, nooo same price." I'm like what?? Same price? Huh? Who the hell in the world would reject this offer?! Hell yeah we are going to stay in G-Crayon room!! Word can't express how happy I was xD Therefore, photo spamming of G-crayon room started right away after we've checked in!

Too bad it was during winter time :( No swimming pool and jacuzzi ... It is a double storey house and there are 2 rooms in G-Crayon. After making up some mess in G-Crayon house (Oops sorry Jiyong Oppa haha), we went outside and walk-a-round this beautiful, hidden gem which situated in a valley.

We are all dogs lover, hence we went to see Gaho and Jolie even though we were informed by Mr. Kwon that Gaho is sick at that time. Hmmm it was quite smelly when we walked nearby them, but it doesn't matter, we all have dogs at home so we don't mind. However, Jolie wasn't that friendly after all !! She was being so fierce and keep on barking at us, but I don't care, I still tried to touch her and I managed to touch her butt instead LOL. She turned out barking louder! Hahaaa bad girl Jolie.

When the night fall, we seeked for Mr. Kwon help for the trip to Herbs Island and he helped us to book a cab who is willing to take 5 of us in one car and waited us for the whole trip from go and back, but it was quite pricey at a total of KRW100,000. One way journey is about 45minutes. Then, we started to prepare for our early barbeque dinner yeah! It's kind of awful to have barbeque inside the house and we couldn't open all the windows and doors because it's freezingly cold outside! Sorry again Jiyong oppa, the house is full of barbeque smell :((

Right after our dinner, Jiyong's father came in and greet us. I have no idea why we didn't even locked the door! LOL. That is why Mr. Kwon just walk in and out during the day like we were all his daughters :D Before heading to Herbs Island, lets take a selfie first!

I think Jiyong's father must have been very familiar with peoples taking picture with him so whenever he realized that I was taking his picture from his back, immediately he turned and looked into the camera hahaa... so cute of him! Then we hopped on to the cab with the journey of 45 minutes and we arrived at the destination. It's spectacular as Christmas has just passed only after few days! Let the pictures say it all.

I have an unforgettable memory in Herbs Island which I slide and fall down on the ice!! Omg....I aint joking, it is so damn slippery T.T However it was quite fun that my friend, who tried to hold on me but we ended up fall down together LOL. It was -10 degree celsius that night, I am definitely freezing like hell! We didn't really manage to finish sightseeing the whole place as it's really too cold, but instead, we bought some cosmetic in the herbs shop :)

Well, that's all for the first day in Dolce Vita Pension. After arriving in G-Crayon house, we take turn to have a good shower and then have some beer and snacks, so call "Chi-Mac" :) while watching KBS, so the night ended happily wweeeee sweet sweet dreams :)

The next day morning, we woke up quite late as we were waking up early before 7am for each and every day. We take our time for a good shower without noticed that the time has already passed breakfast time and it's now 10.30am! Omg... We have not even visited the cafe yet! Right after I am ready, immediately I rushed to the cafe, we were so lucky that the staff was quite nice and she allowed us to have some breakfast before she cleaned up everything! Phewwww what a relief. 

Breakfast tasted so good even just a piece of bread :D

In the end, we were rushing for our breakfast as Jiyong's father came and asked us to get ready by 11am. He dropped us back to Lotteria and we managed to catch the bus at 11.30am. I would definitely go back to Dolce Bita pension the next time at a different season, Spring and Autumn sound just so gooooood to be there, right???? xD

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