The Western Beauty Products.

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Hi guys, as mentioned in my previous post, today I'm gonna tell about the beauty products that I've experience with. As I am just a  normal working adults, so I'm not using some kind of expensive products. Not to say that I can't afford to use expensive products, some are indeed very good, like Sulwhasoo or SKII which I think it suits more to aging peoples, so for me a normal range brand will be good enough. Well I did say before preventing is a lot more easy than treatment, we could start anti-aging A-S-A-P. These few years, I've been travelling to a few countries and from each of the country, I brought back their local cosmetics and give it a try. Trust me or not, so far the best product I've ever used is still from Korea! My trips to Korea will never missed out bringing back some cosmetics, what more with their super promotion?! I go insane every time I was there!

Im gonna starts with Wild Ferns, the products that I brought back during my trip to New Zealand. I didn't really try much of their products, as I am quite new to this brand that time. So these were the 3 products that I've tried. As much as I can remember, they are not so expensive, all were below NZD10 each. We went to a wholesale shop in Auckland, so they might be selling a lot more cheaper, perhaps.

From the left, the KiwiFruit face mist, hmm....the smell was kind of nice :) but it was a little sticky after sprayed. Maybe not for the tropical country like mine in Malaysia, it could be useful during winter time.

Manuka honey is famous in New Zealand, but this manuka honey purifying toner, is just not-so-good to me! My skin feels a very mild burn after applied, I don't know, maybe my skin is too sensitive. I bought 2 of it, end up I give it to my friend :(
I strongly recommend this Rotorua Mud Face Pack! It is a peel off mask, my skin feels so refresh after doing it :D now I regret that I only bought 2 of it!

Move on to next, B o t a n i c s !
Botanics aka boots, is actually a product base in United Kingdom, but I got it from Bangkok instead LOL. In Bangkok, they have this Boots Pharmacy, and during their anniversary sales, if I am not mistaken, somewhere in September of the year, it is a crazy sales with buy 1 free 1 or 50%, and I'm lucky to get the free membership card hehehe. I came across to this brand in 2012, but then they changed all the packaging the next year I returned, I like the new packaging though.

This is the old packaging, ultimate lift eye gel on the left and renewing oil cleanser on the right. The eye gel was okay, not sticky after applied, and I am using the oil cleanser as a make up remover, well I don't mean eye make up remover ya =)

And these are the new packaging, more attractive with colour on it right? Hehehee. On the left, Rosewater Toning Spritz, as a toner, it will refresh your skin after cleasing and leaving it moisture. I have not try the 2nd one yet, but for mattifying toner, it really helps to shine away the last traces of dirt after cleasing. I am currently using this Ultra Calm Day & Night cream, as my skin is very sensitive, it truthfully calms my skin, especially the night cream! I really love it.

Next, these were the products I bought in Australia. It is selling in Malaysia, in the first place I thought it was cheaper in Aussie, however I finds out the price actually has not much difference, just slightly cheaper over there, perhaps? LOL.

S u k i n, I just started to use the 3rd one in the picture, the moisturiser is playing a very normal role, and my skin absorb it quite fast. However, this MooGoo full cream moisturiser, doesn't really allow the skin to absorb it. I feel like it was on the outer layer of my skin and never really goes deep into it.

The last but not least of the products made in western country, which is the products that I-like-the-Most, B u r t ' s B e e s ! From United States. Yes, these are all for me, I ain't crazy! It was so cheap in states, like USD7-8 for one cleasing cream but selling price in Malaysia is now MYR80!

I actually started using this before my trip to United States, and it was really amazing! Especially the Deep Cleasing Cream. For the first time, I don't really used to it as it was in cream form, and I feel uneasy without any foam while washing my face, however, I feel really, really refresh after the cleasing process! And it leaves your skin feeling cold, a perfect facial wash for severe sensitive skin. I will definitely recommend it to anyone and everyone, it can be use as a make up remover too!

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