Single or being in L.O.V.E?

1:17:00 AM

Recently, I've seen a lot of post about being a single girl which have been shared on Facebook and I couldn't agree more about the facts of being a single girl.

- I'm not afraid of sleeping alone, I'm afraid of sleeping with the wrong man.
- I'm not afraid of eating alone, I just want to escape from a quiet and awkward dinner.
- Sex life? It is better to have no sex if it's bringing nightmare!
- Lying on a big bed own by yourself is better than waking up with a stranger beside you.
- It's okay to have no messages ringing on your phone rather than stupidly waiting for someone to ring on it.
- I'm not afraid to pay during the date, I'm afraid of wasting my precious time.

For the fact that I have lived my single life for almost 2 years, I can't deny that I miss having someone that I could rely on whenever I feel tired and needed some comfort. As time goes by, I realized I've come along happily and never regret for making such decision by then, the only thing that I've regretted so much was our precious time has been wasted and I couldn't buy it back!

Being in the wrong relationship and we failed to admit it, it took me almost 5 years to finally have the courage to say it out loud and be firm with it! I just wanted to say it was never easy for me to give up, I know it for sure it has been a hard way for both party, but I know I just have to, and I need to stop it for our own good when things couldn't work out in one or another way.

Perhaps I am too into horoscope, but I just got to say it was amazing to study about it when it comes to relationship. Every single word is hitting straight on us, our thoughts, our habits, our attitude.... so true so right that I just have to give a round of applause. 

A single life for 2 years, never feel so good so free so fresh before! I felt so alive for once again. Well, of course, is not like I never have any crush before in these years, its just..... I don't want to commit in a relationship so soon yet :) or perhaps, I just need to wait for my Mr. Right.

The saddest part in life is that I am left with no more precious youth! .....T.T

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