15 Days Itinerary in Kansai, Japan.

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Planning for Japan trip has never been easy, especially when comes to choose about the transportation, knowing that transportation in Japan is indeed, very expensive and has way too many company running the railway, well of course, best known for tourist - JR Pass. Besides only Japan Railway (JR), in some area it is still best to travel with local subway and buses.

My trip started in Osaka after first arriving in Kansai International Airport. The summary of my itinerary -

Day 1, 2, 3 in Osaka ( USJ )
Day 4 - Wakayama
Day 5 - Shirahama
Day 6 - Wakayama
Day 7 - Koyaguchi
Day 8 - Mount Koya
Day 9 - Kudoyama & Nara
Day 10, 11, 12 - Kyoto
Day 13 - Himeji
Day 14 - Kobe
Day 15 - Back to Kansai International Airport

Day ONE (1) -

I suppose Osaka is a well-known city for most of the travelers, with Dotonbori being one of the principal tourist destination, and nonetheless, Osaka Castle. I don't know why I love being in Shinsaibashi, perhaps it let me feels that I am really in Japan :D

From Kansai International Airport, I bought a Yokoso! Osaka train ticket earlier online that comes with airport-city transfer on Nankai and a day pass for Osaka city subway with only Y1500. FYI, the subway day pass itself costs Y800, and what more, you could save that day pass for other day, it is not necessarily to be use on that day! To find out more about this ticket, click here.

Day TWO (2) -

Today is the day that marks the main purpose of my whole Kansai trip, B-I-G to the Bang Bang, it's BIGBANG 0to10 Concert in Osaka :) *winks

Firstly, we went to the pop-up cafe, namely 'The Table' to had our lunch before the concert. You would understand how excited it is as a fan if you ever have an idol. Happy, that's basically how I feel teheheeehe!

Day THREE (3) -

Pretty much a must thing to do in Osaka, the Universal Studio Japan! Hooray~ And what best is, Birthday girl gets discounted ticket! :)) Although it's only cheaper by Y500, but you know, it could save you a bowl of noodle/rice!

Read more about USJ trip, click here.

Day FOUR (4) -

Going from Osaka to Wakayama city, in order to reach Wakayama Station, you will need a JR Pass or buy a one way ticket for JR Train. As I mentioned in previous post, Wakayama might be well-known for Mount Koya, but this prefecture has got more than that.

I had a Kansai Wide Area JR Pass hence I need not worry about buying train ticket, the reason why I bought a Kansai Wide Area JR Pass was because I will be travelling to Shirahama. And with this pass, you could actually travel around in Wakayama City too, so why not?

This day in Wakayama City, I have only managed to visit Wakayama Castle and Marina City.

Read more about Wakayama City, click here.

Day FIVE (5) -

Waking early to catch the train to Shirahama for a day trip, and spending the whole day in Shirahama. Trust me, you save a lot for holding a Kansai Wide Area Pass for this train!

On this day, you should probably feel the nature and enjoy the sunny beach :)

Read more about Shirahama, click here.

Day SIX (6) -

As in day 4, I have left with only more than half day time in Wakayama City and couldn't really do much sight-seeing. So, day 6 is the day to truly enjoy this city! Catch Nitama, the 2nd stationmaste in Kishi Station on Wakayama Electric Railway.

Read more about Wakayama City, click here.

Day SEVEN (7) -

I believe you might not heard about this town before? Koyaguchi is a countryside in Wakayama Prefecture, and it's a great gateway to Mount Koya. If you are a fan of manga like me, you'll find the similarities in this town. The streets, the house, every little alley, it just makes me feels as if I am living in manga LOL.

Read more about Koyaguchi, click here.

Day EIGHT (8) -

Mount Koya, the most sacred mountain in Japan. Making a day trip from Koyaguchi to Mount Koya is easy, with about 1.5hr train journey.

Read more about Mount Koya, click here.

Day NINE (9) -

Before going to Nara, we stopped by the samurai town, namely Kudoyama to learn more about the history of Sanada, also known as Samurai. Since it's on the way along the JR Wakayama line to Nara, so why not make a stop here? There is even a Sanada train! Catch it if you're lucky enough :)

Read more about Kudoyama, click here.

After spending an hour or more in Kudoyama, we catch another train to Nara. You might want to take note about the train frequency as it's a countryside train and if you miss one, it may took a long time to wait for another one.

Read more about Nara in One Day, click here.

Day TEN (10) -

You might be wondering why did I stay in Kyoto for 4 days 3 nights? While most of the visitors plan a day trip to Kyoto? Now, read on and let me tell you why :) 

JR Kyoto Station is located right in the center of Central Kyoto with Kyoto Tower notable in front of the station entrance. FYI, to ease out your itinerary in Kyoto, this city is separate into a few part, Central, Eastern, Northern, Southern and Western. You should probably plan in right so that it doesn't takes up your time on traveling.

Since the first day in Kyoto start from Central, and I was staying around here, so I make a visit to those attraction located in Central area, such as Kyoto Tower, Nijo Castle and Nishiki Market. Walking around is possible hence you need not a day pass ticket for transport.

Day ELEVEN (11)

The second day in Kyoto was the day of wearing Kimono YAY! I've been waiting to try on this traditional costume and I am truly excited about it :) Although the experience is a little costy, but I guess worth it. On this day, I've covered Eastern & Southern Kyoto with Kimono. And yes, walking around with KIMONO teeeheee...

Read more about my Kimono Experience, click here.

Day TWELVE (12)

Ever heard of the bamboo grove in Kyoto? Arashiyama bamboo grove is located in Northern Kyoto, and it does requires some time on traveling from Central Kyoto. The bus journey itself took about an hour or more for one way, but Arashiyama is definitely a must-go even with that journey!

Read more about The Must-See Place in Kyoto, click here.

Day THIRTEEN (13) -

From Kyoto to Himeji, you'll need a transit in Osaka, but it wasn't complicated once you had discovered about the train system in Japan. Himeji, most famous for its magnificent castle, the Himeji Castle, which was widely considered to be Japan's most beautiful surviving feudal castle. 

Read more about my visit to Himeji, click here.

Day FOURTEEN (14) -

Situated not far from Himeji, Kobe is another favourite stop by city. Don't you feel mouth-watering by only heard about the exclusive Kobe Beef? :D  Not a fan of beef? You'll find something else to suite your appetite in Kobe Chinatown!

Read more about Kobe City, click here.

Day FIFTEEN (15) -

In order to fully discover Kobe, I made a decision to stay in Kobe instead of going back to Osaka. And it shouldn't be a big deal to travel from Kobe to Kansai International Airport.

I learn about this Bay Shuttle Kobe-Kansai Airport which only takes about 30 minutes journey one way. Isn't it the most efficient way to go to the airport? :)

I bought my bay shuttle ticket earlier online, it not only save time from queue and to secure your seat, but you will get a 45% off with early booking. Wow! Now with only Y1000 for one way. 

To book a ticket, click here.

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