Favourite Snacks Shopping in Korea!

11:57:00 PM

A trip to Korea is incomplete without visiting the local supermarket and getting some local snacks back as souvenirs. Even though Korea is famous as a shopping heaven for clothing or cosmetics, but you wouldn't want to miss out trying their snacks!

Have you ever been to a snack section in Korean supermarket such as Lotte Mart and Home Plus? The endless stacks of snacks with dynamic wrapping must be alluring you right? I have always had difficulties when comes to choose which one, they are all just so tempting!

I don't typically have a list of what to buy, whenever I go to a local mart, I just bought whatever that I feel right :) Although there are a lot of must-buy Korean snacks list going viral on internet, but well, I am not a snack's person, most of the time I bought it for my friends and family.

Anyway, here's what I have got during my trip to Korea which I find it tastes quite good :)

1) New York Cheese Cake - BAKE 

This is one of my recent found favourite! I am totally in love with this new york cheese cake, it's soft with creamy cheese and most of all, it's not very sweet :)

2) Chocolate Cream Cake 

If you are not a cheese person, you should probably try out this chocolate cream cake. 

3) Market O Real Brownie Green Tea Flavour

Knowing that Market O Real Brownie has been very popular in Korea, but I personally don't quite like it as it's too sweet for me. I bought this new green tea flavour brownie just to have a try, it is still sweet for me but I love green tea, not too bad though :)

4) Yogurt Jelly
Yogurt Jelly is really popular in 2016, as I heard it sold out every time! This yogurt jelly can be found in 7-Eleven but most of the time it's sold out.

5) Banana Flavour Yogurt Jelly

I was quite impressed with this banana flavour yogurt jelly, I mean who doesn't love to eat banana right? I would prefer this compare to the original one :)

6) Lotte Dream Cacao

Contains of small little chocolate cube, with different level of chocolate grade. For those who like it sweet may take 56%, and for those who like dark chocolate should try 76%.

7) Pepero - Coconut Chocolate

Need not me to explain further, isn't Pepero famous around the world? :)

8) Lotte Green Chococo

I bought this simply because of the packaging. ah-ha yes that's Snoopy! Nothing too special, but just a green tea chocolate cookies.

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