Carbon Laser at Premier Clinic, TTDI.

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I've been to quite a few of beauty salon and have been receiving a regular facial treatment to get my clogged pores clear and clean. As you might not know, blackheads or whiteheads or pimples, are mostly made of clogged pores and its difficult to clean it except for popping it out.

Well even though I have regular facial treatment, there are some problems that need to be take care of such as minimizing skin pores, scars or uneven skin tones etc. All these could become worse if it wasn't well take care of, and all of my problems were solve after I found out about Premier Clinic.

Premier Clinic is one of Malaysia's leading aesthetics clinics that provide numerous services such as fat/weight loss, active acne & acne scar, pigmentation/age spot, pores & texture, skin disease, wrinkles/fine lines, facial sculpting/contouring, birthmark, body contouring, saggy skin, eye bags, permanent hair removal, tattoo removal, hair loss/balding, fungal infection etc.

When I first heard about the location of Premier Clinic in TTDI, the only thing that I worry about was the parking is kind of hard to find, but my worries were gone when I arrived in front of the clinic and found out that they have reserved parking for customer :)

I was warmly welcome by the staff right after I've entered, the friendliness is truly overwhelming, from the reception to consultation time. Premier Clinic have several doctors, but today I was appointed to Dr. Elaine Chong (http://www.beauty-clinic.com), who has professionally guided and explained to me about my skin problems and treatments that I could have. However, I am new to all kind of laser treatment, hence I ask for Dr. Elaine's suggestion, and lastly decided with Medlite C6 Q Switch laser treatment.

Whenever I heard about laser treatment, all I know and imagine was only PAIN & PAIN as a few of my friends have done laser treatment for their eyes, pigment and tattoo, and I keep asking Dr. Elaine whether its gonna be painful or not LOL. My heartbeat slows a little after hearing that they will first numb my face, and I will feel only a very mild pain which is definitely bearable. Trust me, popping a clogged pore is way much more painful than this!

The numb process takes about 15-20 minutes, and then they spread on carbon on my skin, following by the laser. The only thing that scares me was the sound, which sounds like a small fire crackers is firing around my face LOL. The laser time is fast, perhaps about 5-10 minutes and you're done for the day.

I am excited to see the results too, can't wait for the next appointment in 2 weeks time :)

Premier Clinic
TTDI - No.31 Jalan Wan Kadir 2, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, 
60000 Kuala Lumpur.
( Same row as Pizza Hut, next to Maxis and Digi Centre )

Bangsar - 40 Jalan Telawi Bangsar Baru, 59100 Kuala Lumpur.
( Same row as post office and next to Raj Banana Leaf mamak stall )

Contact details : 012-6625552
Email address : contactus@premier-clinic.com
Instagram : premier_clinic

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  1. I wanna read more and can't wait to see all the result and procedures involved!

  2. Wow ! Do you mind to share the result with me ?
    i never try this kind of treatment before.

  3. Tried their another treatment before and result is quite good. Can't wait to see your result. =)

  4. We have to always go for face treatment once a month! Can't wait to see how this treatment work on your face =D

  5. i personally think laser's result is quite distinguish after the first attempt.

  6. I am also terrified of pain and needles... and if you tell me popping a clogged pore is more painful... I trust your judgement... hahaha

  7. Laser is quite common these days and people actually can see the difference.

  8. wow i didn't know have to put numbing before the laser, that means it will actually hurt if not? i had done similar types but don't know if it's the same

  9. I like the services at that clinic as well.

  10. Good aesthetics clinics can really make difference to skin. Waiting to read more about it from you.

  11. I wanna go there too.. thanks for sharing, let me give them a call now.

  12. i also feel it would be a lot of pain when i heard of laser treatment. i bet i cant do it myself

  13. Absolutely great post, I love it, thank you for sharing!!!