December, end of 2015.

2:18:00 PM

Oh well, it was already half pass the month of December, the last month of 2015, and I starting to figure out what have I been doing for the whole year of 2015? What about you? :) Between, it's Christmas month, Merry Merry Christmas!

Some people like to make a bucket list for a brand new year at this time, well I guess some might still trying to kick off their bucket list of 2015? Oh yeah its never too late until the last minutes right....

Talking about what have I done,
in the pass few years, I was just busy flying here and there with the hectic flight schedule every month. After a year of stop flying, I've never feel so good before! The loneliness in me, the jealousy in me, the sadness in me when everyone else get to gather together to celebrate happiest festival Christmas & New Year while I was being alone in a hotel room or walking around in a city alone trying to search for happiness. There's a say that nothing matters more than family, you would definitely understand what I meant when you were far away from family & friends.

Alive, I'm still alive, this is how I feel... Travelling has always been good, not to mention that I, do travel a lot even though I'd stop flying as a crew :D Nothing should stops you from doing what you like or love! I've been to a trip with families, I've been to a foreign city with first met colleagues, I've been to a trip with my best friends, and I've been to a trip by only myself. Honestly speaking, I seriously don't enjoy travelling alone much! Perhaps, some people who likes to read a lot might like it, hopping in a local cafe & enjoy reading for hours, but for people like me? Sorry to say that this is all bullshit to me. I am a super-duper outgoing person that I would go miles and miles away, walking hours and hour just to look for a spectaculous escape place because nothing beats beautiful mother nature.

People who knows me, or don't know so well about me, or just a facebook friend of mine, would have notice that I've been to quite some places and I never really stop. Counting country and city that I'd visited, hmm... where should I start? I guess it all starting when I was really young back then :)

Can't deny it, I am my parents daughter hahaha.. They brought us to holiday every year, even just Cuti-Cuti Malaysia, but its still travel right? Terengganu, Kuala Lumpur, Kelantan, Malacca, Port Dickson, Singapore, the first overseas country LOL and of course Hatyai in Thailand by driving as well. Then Hong Kong when I was 12 years old. I was holding an international passport when I was in primary school, I'm so sorry to say that I was quite surprise when my college school mate having their first passport at the age of 20 hmm.... well, there is always a first time in our life right?

After my last Hong Kong trip, my mum never brings us overseas anymore as we should be preparing for SPM in secondary school, I guess so, right mum? LOL. Like I am a good student Oops!

Slowly when entering working life, after graduating from college, here comes my first trip to Taiwan with my sister and friends in 2011. They say if you never take a step outside, you would never find what you really want. After my Taiwan self-arrange trip, footprints starting to get broaden and broaden :D I'm a happy kid after all.....

Follow by was Korea in March of 2012, Bangkok in September of 2012.

New Zealand in March of 2013, HongKong & China (Shenzen & Guangzhou) in May of 2013, Bangkok again in June of 2013, my solo Japan trip in September of 2013.

Mount Kinabalu Climb in February of 2014, America in April of 2014, Taiwan in July of 2014, Korea in August of 2014, and Korea again in December of 2014.

Cambodia in May of 2015, Denpasar Bali in July of 2015, Chiangmai in August of 2015, Vietnam in October of 2015, and last but not least, Turkey and Greece in November of 2015.

Okay, it looks crazily crazy for a working person like me, right?! I can't believe it as well LOL. Plus, places that I visit with duty flying, Sabah Kota Kinabalu, Sarawak Kuching, Indonesia Jakarta, Philippines Manila, China Beijing, Australia Perth and Darwin, Nepal Kathmandu, India New Delhi and Mumbai.

First of all, I need to explain it, I AM NOT A RICH PERSON OR FROM A RICH FAMILY.

I just prefer to spend my money to buy precious experience and memories instead of material benefits. I don't need branded stuff, I don't need to eat undelicious expensive food, I don't need to high tea in a high class places. Yes, I do believe money can buy almost everything in this crucial world, but bear in mind money cannot buy you time even just a second.

YOLO, you only live once. I am POOR, but I am rich with experience and full of great memories which you can't buy it anymore when you're lack of time.

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