Just another ordinary day.

4:22:00 PM

For the past three years, I've been working without knowing day or night, and even after I've changed a new job, I am working just like another ordinary office girl for another 6 months. It all started and ended because it wasn't what I really like or want, not that I had enjoy it as well. Sometimes, I wish I couldn't remember my age so that I don't have to take things seriously like I always did. Truth to be told, I am no longer any younger, when the people around you starting to change their lifestyle, naturally it will leads some thought to your mind!

A day like this, waking up without alarm, have some lunch with friends, listening to the music that I like, hit the gym, writing a blog, catch up some drama... it was a day that I really enjoy the most, but how can I repeat it each and every single day just like this? Well if I am from a very rich family, that I don't even need to worry about money for my entire life, perhaps I'll be repeating this in different country?

Some say money is not everything, and some say without money you are more than nothing. We do realize that we lived for money, right? You can't deny it, money do play a big role.

I was told that the world is balanced, there are good and bad, poor and rich, happy and unhappy people. There are business man and workers, successful and failure, brilliant and dull, hardworking and lazy people. Some people choose to work until they retired, some choose to take the risk for business, some choose to rob and cheat, some choose to do illegal easy-making-money, it all depends on how you think about it.

I am now at the age of the so called "essential" time which will decide what you gonna be in future, between 20 to 30. I couldn't help but to start thinking of what I really want now, so I keep asking and observing around of what most of the people surrounding were doing, some have their own family, some have their own business, some still studying some working ordinarily and some working in overseas. It all suddenly "Bang!" into my head, and knock knock knock what the hell am I doing? Hmm.......

Last week, I went out to have lunch with one of my friend which we have not seen each other for almost 2 years, and both of us started to share about our experience for these past 2 years. The saddest part about us is that we didn't even have vision or mission of our live! LOL. She shared that she will be taking things seriously from now, and no more playing or spending money for entertainment. And I.......silently agree in my mind :/

I've been thinking about it for quite some times, in fact I just didn't want to face the truth. Now that I have finally met someone who could be the opportunity in my life, should I take the risk then? To fight or to flee, it is your choice now.

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