I'm just selectively social.

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Last week I came across this article, it's about an outgoing personality person but actually deep down they're just shy. Immediately it caught my attention to go further and read more about it. I did mention before in my previous post, I am a very outgoing person that is why I can't avoid and hide from the sun, but friends who know me very well, they often say that I have two faces and personalities LOL. Why? I actually talk a lot in front of my best friend, and I can do any silly things as long as it makes us happy :D 

In that particular article, it written there on the first point "you're not anti-social, you're just selectively social." It just like..."bang" this is exactly so ME! I ain't anti-social, I can talk to strangers or people I first met them, but normally those conversation wouldn't last long if we can't share same thought or topics right? That's why I tend to stay quiet. Ice-breaking is hard, it gets even harder when you don't understand a single thing about the person that talking to you.

How exactly selectively social am I? I admit it, I do select on my friends, who should I play with, joke with, who will be a good friend instead of just a benefit friend. Precisely, I choose those who can takes my heavy joke as a joke, who understand my joke, who will not take it serious with my joke. Friendship means a lot in our lives, people who don't have friends, I seriously don't know how they live their life.

Although family is the most important when comes to difficulties, but you will be surprise, if you ever have a best friend or a few, they will stand by you whenever you are in trouble. They help you, they encourage you, they motivate you, and for once, you think that you can't live without them ;) Well, those..are true friends. Yes, true friends are hard to find, but once you found one, they'll never let you down.

I don't know about you, but my friends mean a lot to me, and I am pretty sure I mean a lot to them too :) You just need to let go with open heart when you found the right friend, you'll share the joy, the fun, the happiness together and cherish each other when you broke up with your boyfriend or girlfriend, have an argument with his or her family, with your colleagues, problem with your assignment or anything else. Sharing is caring, right? ;)

I did a test on what kind of friend are you, here is my result : 
You are part of a clique
Friendships are what make life so enjoyable. The friends you've got are often people you have known for a long time, who have stuck with you through thick and thin. You form a loyal little gang who protect each other and care for each other. You can be frank with each other and you know how to pull together during difficult times. Your friends keep you grounded and you're never bored when they’re around. They are affectionate and fun and there is a positive energy in the air when you spend time together. You all understand that it's the quality of the time you spend together, not the quantity, that counts. You enjoy meeting up and look forward to it when the occasion arises. You prepare for it in an almost ritualistic manner, each member of the group with their own important role. You gel together well because of mutual respect for your loyal, warm ‘second family’. Friendship is precious to you and is a vital part of your journey through life. You know that it is something to be shared, and that you must cultivate your friendships with love.
For one last time, I am not anti-social, I am just selectively social ;)

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