Summary of cabin crew training.

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Being a flight stewardess, is like a dream of most of the girls. I was warned it's not easy to be a stewardess before I became one, and now I am going to tell you why and how.

First thing first, interview :) just like every other jobs. Every airline has a different way of interview for cabin crew wannabe. You can find out at their websites, newspaper or surf through internet for any open interview. Don't ever give up if you failed at your first attempt, you will be surprise, some people tried more than 10 times and they still not giving up, so why should you? If only you really want it.

Skip the interview part, I am sure you can get it somewhere else, search thru internet, like I did. If you are reading this post, definitely you found flygosh before reaching here. Flygosh is a very good blog that I believe it helps a lot of cabin crew wannabe to become one. You just need to do your homework before attending any interview.

The "crew" training, it depends on which airline, some airline give only 5 weeks training and mine, almost up to a 4 months full training. It was indeed, a very good experience I had :D

During the training, you will get to know more about the company that you're working for, the rules and regulations for example no jumping, cuddling, kissing in public with uniforms LOL. They will explain about your salary, about the working path, about the contract you signed etc etc.

And then you will be trained about food & beverages, ethics, communications, behavior in uniforms, all those do's and don'ts during night stop. You will need to pass a test for every classes you did, even about the history of the company, so pay attention for all the classes, even though some could be so boring zZzzZ

After all the easy part of test, you will then comes to the hardest part, for a subject like aviation, first aids and emergencies. Pay full attention for these subjects, those are all the subjects where many trainee failed & failed again & again, some even got terminated from here!

Well, every exam is not difficult if you really read up and understand it. Seriously, you need to try to understand it but not memorize it, it's not working by memorizing and then you end up too nervous and everything just gone empty in your brain. Understand it, ask around if you don't, trainers are more than willing to teach you.

Why are we trained for all these? Because when on board, we are the only fire fighter if there is a fire caught up during cruising, we are the only doctor if somebody fall sick, like a heart attack or etc, we are the only rescuer in any emergency happen, last but not least, as everyone think, a waiter/waitress, I hate to say this but only idiots will call cabin crew as such because it shows how dumb they are for knowing nothing.

If everything goes smoothly, passes all exams and physical test, you will get a certificate and undergo a 3 months in flight training with 6 supernumerary flight, and follow by 6 months probation including that three, soon after, welcome to the sky :)

Honestly speaking, most of the time when you travel on a flight as a normal passenger, would you even pay a little attention to the safety demo? I believe many of us know only to judge how pretty or ugly is the stewardess. Oh yeah, I used to be like that too, many of us just assumed like nothing gonna happen, or we are just so dumb for knowing nothing about in flight safety.

Emergency comes in a way that nobody would have expect it to be happen, and when it happens, it will be too late to learn the lesson. I hope it helps you to understand how important it is to take care of your own safety.

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