My 'Glamorous' job.

10:01:00 PM

It's been almost two months I'm in KL now,
so far... so good lah! =)

Well as many of you know that I had change a new job,
they called it a "glamorous" job.
Why? I have no idea why.

Before I step into this line, people keeps warned me,
ask me to consider about it, be careful and bla bla blah!
And it so happen to be ME,
who don't really care about what people say ..
so here ..I am now!

In my entire 22years live, I never felt so stress before!
Wake up early in the morning, put on full make-up,
tied a neat and clean french twist and then spray it like a hardrock,
daily grooming check, speaking check, outfit check,
having exam like once every week and so on ...

Why am I complaining? It's a "glamorous" job right,
so of course you yourself have to looks glamorous first too!

Four months training, everyday I drag myself to work.
Thank God, you are so good! I have a group of good colleagues!
We had joy We had fun!
We share the happiness we share our sadness,
we play we joke we motivate each other.

And seriously,
who cares about Lady Gaga live concert when you have a 20k exam paper?! xD

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