BIG BANG for Nongfu Spring 茶丌.

1:27:00 PM

In recent months, Big Bang has been chosen to be the model for Nongfu Spring's new product, "Cha Pi" (茶丌) in China. So, why did they choose Big Bang? This is mainly because the main consumer of this drink is young consumers and Big Bang plays a big role on the effect of this generation.

Nongfu Spring, known as 农夫山泉 in Chinese, is a Chinese bottled water and beverage company with the headquarter in Xihu District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang province. They are one of the TOP 20 beverage company listed in whole China.

The company adhere "natural and healthy" as the product concept. They promise do not use tap water to produce bottled drinking water, and never add any artificial minerals in drinking water. And they believe in constructing plants and filling bottles at water source areas in order to ensure that all processes are completed at the water source.

During my last trip to Shanghai and Beijing, I can see Nongfu Spring in every corner I've went through, that shows how big their market is!

Well with this new product, "Cha Pi" which endorsed by my King, Big Bang :D... I am glad, I went to China just in time! Especially with the new packaging of this tea bottle, as a fan girl, I searched almost every corner looking for it! W-H-Y am I so crazy over it? Now, let me show you the new, enhanced bottle.

These particular new packaging, is kinda new in the market, so I could hardly find it in any convenient store. I was so desperate that I went to PM those Chinese Fan Girls in Weibo hahaha, and my sister even PM Nongfu Spring directly to ask where in Beijing is selling these.

After so much effort, lucky to have not go in vain, we got answer that it can be found in hypermarket such as WALMART! However, its not easy to look for one in city area, those hypermarkets are located outside of CBD area.

A fan girl never stop! I finally found one Walmart, with my heart beating fast walking towards that section.. I literally smile and shout a little looking at these :D 

My diary as a fan girl, as a VIP, will not stop here, because we're once a VIP, forever a VIP! ;)

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  1. big bang is everywhere.. hehe :).
    looks like a nice drink.

  2. are you gonna drink them or just keep in forever in the shelves