My Hair Bleaching Story.

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I have been wanting blonde hair since few years ago, but then due to my work, it's sad that I wasn't allow to have this kind of bright colour :(  And then, after quitting my previous job, I was warned that it isn't good to bleach your hair if you're having such a long hair! I've been reconsider it over and over again, wondering if it suits me or not, will I look like AhLian or looks funny or whatever and finally, I came into conclusion to go all out and bleach my hair blonde! You know, #YOLO :D

Look at Sandara Park Unnie, and then look at CL Queen, Noooo I can't resist anymore.... I want this blonde, I want it I wanted it... If its not now, then when?

Every time when I mention it to my hair stylist, he would say "Huh?! You seriously? My advice is don't..." then it makes me hesitate a little again.. So, I decided to do a deep dyed first!

I wasn't really thrill with the results, but my first experience of bleaching, isn't as pain as I thought since it's only a small part of my hair. The reason why I am not happy is that I can't really see the colour unless I tied up my hair, Nooo... this is not what I wanted ):

Therefore, I started to do a research about long hair bleaching, but came across with many bad reviews, mostly saying about the difficulty of taking care of the super damage bleach hair, and the painful process of bleaching and the expensive cost of it blah bla bla....

Beauty always require sacrifices, nothing is perfect without hard work but I am a super duper lazy person to take care of my hair, I only did conditioner on my every hair wash that's all! Despite of all the bad reviews, I proceed to a hair salon without further hesitation anymore! The more you read, the more you scare of regretting it, but you will never know if you never did it, its better to do it now than regretting later. So here comes, my painful hair journey.......

I know hair bleaching is painful, but I never expect it to be so damn P-A-I-N-F-U-L .... I was frozen with pain, can't even say a single word, feels like banging my head onto the wall.... If you ask me about the pain of a tattoo, trust me.. this is like 10 times more painful than doing a tattoo T.T

It feels like a burning sensation on your scalp when the hair stylist starting to spread it all over the scalp, but then it depends on how strong is your scalp as well, some people feel painless **envy

The whole process took about 4-5 hours as usual, so be prepare to give half of your day sitting in the salon!

For your information, some people require 2 or 3 times bleaching in order to get that bright colour, it depends on your hair texture and the bleach powder that been using, for myself, I did it twice with some mixture of colour on the 2nd time. Nonetheless, I never regret a single thing after seeing the results! I'm in LOVE with myself xD

So far, I've been doing good with my blonde hair even though it has been quite damage and I am a lazy person ;D I have no big problem taking care of it. If you ever thought of doing it, please go ahead and do it. Time doesn't wait for your, don't make yourself chase after the time you've lost because we only live once.

Now, what do you think about my blonde hair? Some say black is better for me T.T

Anyway, stay tuned! I am going to share about the hair products I used for my bleached hair ;)

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