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2O15 has been a good year for me, and I ended it with a superb trip of New Year's Eve celebration in Las Vegas, YES we do it the Vegas way! First of all, a big thanks to Yonder Music Hear Forever for making this happen, and not to forget, the exclusive partnership Celcom.

Yonder Music launched in Malaysia on November 19, 2015 in an exclusive partnership with Celcom Axiata Berhand, the leading mobile telecommunication provider in Malaysia, which provide unlimited music to all of its mobile broadband subscribers. The best part, Celcom subscriber will not be charged for Yonder Music or for the data they consume using Yonder Music! All Celcom subscribers get unlimited access to Yonder Music until 18 December 2015, then make sure you're on a qualifying Yonder Music Celcom plan to retain your Yonder Music privilege and Hear Forever.

Yonder Music is a bold, feature-rich, social discovery powered, digital music service, which provides you with ad-free access to millions of track to download, play and share. You can now download it in both App Store and Play Store and Hear Forever.

I have always wanted a music app that is able to stream both online and offline, so that I don't need to sync regularly from iTunes to my Iphone. The greatest part of Yonder Music is that you get to create your own playlist, and download songs into your playlist and there you go to play it on or offline.

When I first heard of Yonder Music launching it exclusively for Celcom subscriber, I couldn't help much but to download it immediately from App Store. What more with a contest to win a trip to see Bruno Mars Live in Concert at the cosmopolitan hotel in Las Vegas on New Year's Eve, and the best part - ALL EXPENSES PAID! Come'on its Bruno Mars Live in Concert, in the city that never sleeps?! And that's not all, EVERY winner gets to bring along their favourite person with them on this trip!

How does the contest works? Two very simple and easy steps,
- DOWNLOAD and ACTIVATE Yonder Music;
- CREATE A PLAYLIST, play Yonder Music and create a playlist with at least one Bruno Mars's song, then go crazy promoting your playlist on Yonder.

That's all you need to do, go crazily playing your playlist, following people and playing games in the app, stay active and check on the Leaderboards to see whether you are in the Top Heavy Hitters list.

If you missed out this time, stay tune with Yonder Music, you could be the next winner!

I've never been so lucky in my life until Yonder Music comes in, it was so unbelievable when I received a call from Celcom saying that I've won the contest and I am flying to Las Vegas to catch Bruno Mars Live!! I tried to calm myself down but my mind was so carried away that I can't stop thinking about how lucky I am to have join this contest. I've been talking to the moon for few nights, and Yes Vegas I'm coming back to you again after a year! Nothing excite me more than that! :D

The trip started on 29th December 2015, we flew from KUL-TPE-SFO by China Airlines and SFO-LAS by United Airlines. A total of 26 hours with transit in between from KL all the way to Las Vegas! I nearly get lost with the day and time....however magic happens when all of us touch down in Vegas Airport, I could see a wide smile on everyone's face :)) A truly gambling city, even airport itself has got slot machines around!

Las Vegas (GMT -16) is 16 hour behind Malaysia time (GMT +8) , we arrived in our hotel around 2 in the morning, it took almost 1 hour for the tour leader to complete the checked in procedure, I truly understand why it takes so long, we were 50+ with twenty over rooms, okay... that's why don't ever travel in a big group, we've wasted a lot of time on waiting forever!

Hotel in Las Vegas : Planet Hollywood Hotel

I have no idea and can't even imagine how much it cost a night because this damn hotel is right in front of Las Vegas Strip, which is just opposite Hotel Bellagio! I would have gone crazy if we stayed in Bellagio, couldn't ask for more when everything is free, Planet Hollywood was a damn good one! I went to check on how much it cost a night, surprisingly not too expensive, about $130+ / night.

After getting our room key, we went up to have a quick good shower and immediately we meet up again at the lobby for food hunting LOL. Magic happens :) The night is still young ....... It's 4 in the morning *winks :) exciting just exciting!

We stayed 3 nights in Las Vegas, and follow by 1 night in San Francisco.

Hotel in San Francisco : Hotel WhitComb

I can't wait more to share about the places and experiences that we've been to in Las Vegas and San Francisco, stay tuned for my next update ;)

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