Jade Garden & Alpaca World in Gangwon, South Korea.

8:11:00 PM

A relaxing day to escape from bustling Seoul, I book a tour to Gangwon-do. It might seems like nothing much to do in this tour, but I really enjoy my leisure time. 

What caught my attention first was Alpaca :D, as I really love playing with cutie alpacas. It reminds me much of my New Zealand trip back then. But what really rewarding in this tour was the Gubongsan mountain observatory cafe.

A day in Gangwon-do - 

We were picked up at Hongik University Station at 07:30am, and off to Alpaca World. The journey took around 2 hours. We arrived around 10:30am to 11:00am. Plenty of time to be spent in Alpaca World after arrived, take your time slowly to walk around the park. Nothing much sell in here, and there's one cafe near to the ticketing counter selling souvenirs and drinks.

To walk around with an alpaca, you will need to pay for a duration of 10minutes. Then you will be able to take unlimited photos with it. Those alpacas are really hungry, as long as you have food for them, they'll just follow you :D

At 12:00pm, we were then off to Gubongsan mountain for a coffee break and lunch if you needed. The view over was fantastic with the right weather. We were at the cafe name "Santorini", the outdoor garden has the best photo spot.

After the break, the next destination will be Jade Garden. Lucky enough to caught a K-drama filming at that time. Kim Myung Soo pass by us when we first enter the garden :D And then only I realize they were filming "Angel's last mission : Love". First time ever to have seen how filming done in public area. Taking video or photo is totally restricted.

You may book this tour now with TRAZY. 

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