Butter Milk Cafe in Hongdae, Seoul.

2:54:00 PM

During my last spring trip to Seoul, I have visited a few cafes which I found out very interesting in instagram. And one of the most favourite is this Butter Milk Cafe located in Hongdae. 

Butter Milk, serving great pancakes in the town which deserves more than an hour queue in every morning before even they open the shop at 10am. My friend and I decided to have a visit on that Saturday morning, and we went there around 9.30am without any expectation of long queue.

There comes the hesitation when they finally starting to take number from the queue, and unfortunately, until our turn, the staff informed us that we will need to wait 2 hours! Yes, you see it right, it's 2 hours. The reason behind of waiting such a long hour is because there're only 5 tables in the shop, and the pancakes took around 15minutes of serving time. 

The most interesting thing about Butter Milk is that they only serve limited pancakes and sandwich a day. So when we tried to order more than 2 pancakes for just 2 of us, the staff informed us to think properly if we really wanted to order so much.

If you ever happen to be in Seoul or staying in Hongik University, you will never want to miss out having the pancakes of Butter Milk!

The operation time of this cafe is from 10am, however the closing time is really depends on how fast it sold out.

Address: 130 Wausan-ro, Changjeon-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, South Korea.

Phone: +82 70-4157-1030

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