BigBang Made The Movie screening in Malaysia.

12:51:00 AM

Calling VIP in Malaysia, BigBang Made the movie starts screening on this 28 July 2016, exclusively at TGV!

Movie title: BIGBANG MADE  
Release Date: 28 July 2016 Running 
Time: 1 hour and 55 minute 

 BIGBANG’s first ever movie, BIGBANG MADE, will be released this year to mark the 10thanniversary of their debut. This movie will show BIGBANG’s everything and more.

BIGBANG MADE, the most BIGBANG-like movie, is coming to you soon! 

A total of FOUR (4) days ONLY starting 28th July 2016!

The movie will be screening ONLY at selected TGV Cinemas :

TGV One Utama
TGV Sunway Pyramid
TGV Tebrau City
TGV 1st Avenue
TGV Jaya Shopping Centre
TGV Encorp Strand
TGV D’Pulze

In April 2015, BIGBANG from the beginning till the end of their world tour in a documentary format to give an up close and personal view of their 340 days. BIGBANG shines the most when they are just being themselves.

 The movie is a collection of such moments. Without any artificial setting, the camera follows BIGBANG members and records them in their most natural state. 

As a result, viewers can see BIGBANG members not only as artists but also just as guys next door. It’s like as if we’re all born to become BIGBANG. A member said during an interview. The movie features recordings of MADE concerts, the behind-the-scenes video of MADE concerts and albums, episodes that have never been made public and interviews of BIGBANG members that have never been revealed before.

As a VIP, you will never really want to miss out seeing this Made Movie! Big Bang has sacrifice so much for their fans, and what we can do is to understand more about their backstage, not only every successful concert that they are showing to us!

Seeing how much pain and effort they'd gather together to make a successful comeback stage, to not disappoint every of their fans, because they understand, how hard it is for their fans to try to get a ticket to the concert. 

Don't ask me why I paid so much for the concert, and don't ask me why I've been to the same concert for many times in different country. BECAUSE THEY WORTH IT!

If you ever have so many WHY about Big Bang's crazy fan, watch this movie, indeed, they did great!

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  1. You really are one huge fan of BigBang! How come it is not screened in Ipoh???

    1. It's only at selected TGV in KL, and it's only 4 days :D

  2. wow..... review from a passionate Big Bang fan... heheh.... but yes, I would love to see what goes on behind the scenes of a popular K-pop group... this should be really interesting... and at the same time 'cuci mata' all those handsome members...

  3. Bang Bang Bang!!! It's going to be pack..

  4. WOW they are releasing Movie? I bet all the Big Bang VIPs will get crazy watching this movie!!!

  5. It is worth to be their VIP ! They are very talented especially GD and Taeyang !
    Love their song so much !

  6. If it is worth it, you do not even blink when paying for such experience! I feel you girl!