Flying high in the sky.

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Flying sounds just so great to everybody, some crew handle it very well after working on a few flights, however some crew did not feel so good at all. What can I say? It all depends on your luck perhaps. Unfortunately, I fall into the category that feel so fucked up.

As Asians, we take seniority very seriously. Everyone has to gone through this same old process, being the most junior crew, you don't get to speak a word. Well if you did, you fight back for what is not wrong or right, your name fly high and gets popular, even in just a split second. That's when every other crew will be waiting to fly with you, in other word, waiting to give you a hard time.

I learned to be so humble when I started flying, I listen to what supervisory and senior crew in doing whatever right or wrong, because I hate involving with gossips. Staying low profile, it is better that no one can even remember your name. 

You must be adaptable, to the one that you're working with, because an airlines operate by thousands of cabin crew, in each and every flight, you will be flying with different crew member. Even though standard operations guideline is there, however, different people handle it different way through experience, so learn as much as you can, and learn as fast as you could.

Of course, I must say that there are many many good and nice crew around too, and when you fly with them, please ask whatever that you don't understand, pretty sure they are more than happy to teach you :) Don't wait until you fly with bastards and bitches, by that time you just got to persuade yourself everything's gonna be okay after the flight, even just a 40 minutes flight time it feels like years of waiting! 

It does takes time to adapt to it, so give yourself a time frame. How about 3 months? If not 6 months It's not difficult, day in day out, you will be doing the same thing, over and over again.

Whenever you feel like giving up, hold on up there, life is beautiful, you just have to enjoy the happy moment and forget about shit things that happens. When life gives you lemon, you made lemonade! As easy as that LOL.

This is how I persuade myself to stay on, hold strong up there, a blink of eyes, I am now with the airlines for almost 2 years ;)

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