REVIEW : The Face Shop X Coca Cola Moisture Lipstick

5:52:00 PM

I have recent addiction of buying lipstick, well I used to not apply lipstick after make up because I found out it is so weird seeing myself with lipstick especially when I have a super dry lips all the time. 

And when lipstick is getting more and more advance, with colour lip balm, lip tint, lip crayon etc were introduce in the market, I can't help myself but to try it out. I really love to see girls with matte colour lip but I know I couldn't apply it as I have dry lips.

Today, I would like to talk about this lipstick that I bought during my last visit in Seoul back in April 2019. You know you will never skip buying cosmetics when you're in Seoul :D

I walked through The Face Shop and this collaboration with Coca-Cola caught my eyes, and what more when it's buy ONE free ONE  xD So then I decided to give it a try on the moisture lipstick, well I also get myself the intense cover cushion but simply because I have too many cushion on hand so I have yet to unpack and try it yet.

The Face Shop X Coca-Cola Moisture Lipstick comes in 5 shades available, I got myself the No.4 "Coke Red" and No.5 "Vintage Red". What I really like the most is the result comes out nearly matte without drying out my lips. And the colour last longer than I though, even when I drink on a cup there's no lipstick stain on it.

In the picture I put on "Vintage Red" and I really like it, it's so matchable in this summer. If you have dry lips like me and would like to try on matte lipstick, you should really give it a try :)

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