Good Bye 2017 and Hello 2018!

1:18:00 AM

I know the "2017" shit is going viral now every where but still, I wanna copy the shit to say a big "Thank You" for such a great year :))

2016 was a playful year with many travels involved around, well it doesn't stop right away in 2017 but it was instead, a more well-planned year. By well-planned I mean my lifestyle, financial or even future.

Talking about resolution, what have you completed for your 2017? I couldn't be more happy than to ticked off a few of my bucket list! Hoo-rayyyy :D

Firstly, I get to see my man aka TOP aka Choi Seung Hyun for the last time during BIGBANG10 Concert in Hong Kong back in January 2017 before he enlisted.

Secondly, I managed to join in the BFF trip to Laos in October 2017.

Thirdly, I finally, FINALLY did a skydiving in November 2017!

What's next in 2018? A brand new blank 365 pages, I pray to god and wish my dreams could come true! Wishing everyone a very Happy New Year!

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