My first try on SK-II Facial Treatment Essence.

8:38:00 PM

Having a trouble blemish skin, every each of us could spend anything just to get our skin smooth isn't it? But even after we have spend so much, the result didn't always turn out to be good. Just like another thought of good, I finally decided to give a try on SK-II Facial treatment essence.

Most of the SK-II counter are set up with a skin test machine, this machine can tells you about your skin age, the water level of your skin and some other facts. Honestly, I wouldn't say it is fake, but you should always only put 50% trust on it, that's their marketing plan anyway.

As usual, I believe everyone get almost the same result with poor hydration skin condition. Hydrating skin isn't really my concern, so I ask the sales girl if this "Miracle Water" by SK-II could clear out the break out on my face. The answer I get was "Absolutely! This essence is created for troublesome skin to get smooth."

So I was like, wow okay, maybe that's why its called the "Miracle Water", perhaps I could really have some miracle happen on my skin. Nonetheless, I bought a trial kit that comes with one small bottle of the essence which she mentioned it could last me for 2 weeks and I shall see the result by then.

Happily I went back and started to apply this essence on my skin hoping to see any miracle! Three days pass and I see nothing changes but a few clog pores with whiteheads popping out to say Hello. But I don't give a shit and continue with the treatment essence, I have paid so much for this!

Six days later, the whiteheads are getting more and more around my chin and cheek area. I starting to search online about this issue, and came to find out that many have experience the same thing. My heart was totally broken to see this "Miracle" happen.

I went to see my beautician by then, I didn't even tell her about using SK-II but she told me that I have used some products that is too rich in vitamins for my skin. Those clog pores that I had before using SK-II are preventing my skin from absorbing the essence, hence a reverse result happen!

From then I know, breakout still need to be extracted by professional beautician. From my overall experience, my advise is if you have a blemish skin, don't ever think of trying SK-II. If you have a dry skin without breakout, SK-II should really works to boost your skin.

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