The Important Tips For Long Haul Flight.

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Remembering my trip flying from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to Las Vegas, United States last December 2015, for almost 24 hours flight time together with transit duration, I couldn't even recognize the time or where am I due to the jet lag.

After my super tiring departure, I make myself a full preparation on how to survive through such long haul flight on my way back to Malaysia!

As you might know, long haul flights could be very dreadful and tiring. You will be on the plane for long hours, so apparently you need to make the most out of it and be prepared to survive the long and boring battle. 

So here I am, sharing some important long haul flight tips :)

Unwind before the flight
You will be on a plane for a day and a half or even longer, so it is best to unwind before the long trip. Have a nice but light meal. Do your work-out routine. Prepare your things a week before your flight to avoid pressure. Chill out before you venture into the long haul flight. You don't want to get stress out when you arrived at the destination and realized there are things you've forgotten to bring.

Pack your essentials
Have your essentials like toiletries, medicines, eye mask, and face care items prepared. It will be a long trip so you must organize all the things you need to endure the whole flight. You can bring a book or a tablet to make your trip more comfortable. And don't forget your earphones!

Bring your pillow and blanket
One of the important travel essentials is your travel pillow. Be sure to invest in a good travel pillow. You can also bring a lightweight blanket to keep you warm during the whole trip. These sleep essentials will not just give comfort but will also improve your physical being. Having a good sleep will keep you ready for the adventures ahead. Otherwise you will only have the in-flight recycle pillow and blanket.

Pack some snacks
Never let hunger strike you during your trip, but also don't overdo it by eating too much food. Keep it light to avoid an upset stomach. Packing your own snacks will also avoid you from buying shockingly costly snacks and drinks on board. Some of the best foods for long trips are those snacks that are high in protein.

Wear comfortable clothes
Dress right and light. Choose clothes that will make yourself at ease during the whole trip. You can also bring layers to help you adjust with sudden shifts of temperature.

Stay Hydrated
Water is a must. Being in a plane for a long time is very dehydrating. Stay hydrated by drinking water. However, avoid drinking coffee. Caffeine could keep you high at night which might affect your sleeping habit. Further, don't drink too much alcohol which can lead to dehydration and fatigue. There is also a great chance of having a jet lag or sickness if the alcohol intake is too high. You do not want to ruin your planned holiday, don’t you?

Just relax
Look at the sea of clouds and the blue horizon. Take pleasure with the scenic views. Calming songs can also help you meditate at times like this. You can do some in-seat and breathing exercises to keep you calm. These techniques will really be helpful to calm your senses and keep your body energized.

Enjoy your trip!
You can actually enjoy the whole trip by being creative and productive. Do your daily routine. Check your emails and do your stuffs. You can still manage to live a normal life, even if you are on a plane. There may be certain restrictions but these are manageable. Read a book or watch a movie. Just make sure to charge your devices before the flight to avoid big disappointments.

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  1. Good tips! I do like to read these kind of tips before travelling. Useful to me.

  2. I don't like long hour flight as is hard for me to sleep on the flight.. Usually I will install some game on my phone to kill the time.

  3. No chance to go for long haul flight.. But will keep this in mind, in case one day i hv the chance to fly that long..