My daily beauty routine.

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10 years back when I was only 15 years old, nobody teaches us about cosmetics and skincare, how to maintain beautiful and healthy skin, how to prevent pigment and freckles, or even preventing wrinkles when age catching. I still remember the first time when I started to concern about my face was when pimples attacking. Some people are lucky to not have pimples problem, well.. I mean pimples go all over our face. So then only my mum brings us to clinic, doctor gives some treatment cream to apply on our face, suggested facial wash and some other things. That is when I started to apply treatment on my face, some might think that starting to use cosmetic at this age is a little bit too early, but you will never know, preventing is much more easier than to cure afterward.

Back then, skincare steps were pretty much easier and simpler. My daily routine is only facial wash, toner and moisturizer, with pimples cream at last. I'm sure you know about this basic routine right? I'm not sure about others, but for Malaysian, parents always think that children or teenager don't need to take care of their facial skin, but when pimples start to appear, only they start to worry this and that. My parent as an example, they don't have any skincare even until now. Maybe it's a norm for a guy not to apply skincare, but my mum, she only has a face cream which she only apply it when necessary LOL. As I am kinda into Korea stuffs right now, from their variety show, I learn that they teaches their children to use facial wash and skincare when he or she is only 4 years old? O-M-G! 

It so happen that I am an outgoing girl who love to expose to outdoor activities, gathering with friend, and from there, I learn little by little about skincare. I start to look out for products with pimples treatment, I've tried oxy5, oxy10, aiken tea tree oil, T3 mycin, all that you can name. I personally feels that Aiken Tea Tree Oil facial wash is quite good which it doesn't leave your skin too dry out. For oxy5 or 10, it really cure pimples very fast, but it's not a healthy product to use as it dries out pimples by peeling your skin, my skin tends to dries out all the time, it will cause your skin become thinner and from there it gets really sensitive. The last source I tried which seriously helps a lot was the pimple treatment from our goverment cliniq LOL. Thousand thanks to it, trust me or not, my pimples all gone because of that, it's a cooling lotion, you will feel the cooling on your face after applied.

See, this is a no make up face, I'm not lying I got no pimples now. *winks ;)

As I am a very outgoing person, I can't avoid but to expose to sun, which I really hate the most and now it cause a big problem on my face, pigment and freckles!! Everyone knows, freckles is very hard to cure, it's a dark spot cause from inner skin to outer skin, to make it all gone, the only fast cure is laser it off. Well, I'm not from a rich family so I can't afford to choose that treatment, the only thing I can do is to make it lighter and lighter and lighter which takes a very long time.

My face tends to get oily when I was outside, at
 first I thought it was just because I am having an oily skin, but when I start to go for professional facial wash, my beautician tells me that oily skin is caused by lack of moisture in your skin which eventually produce oil instead of water. Then, only I realize it and starting to put more effort on moisturizing my skin. As I have a very sensitive face skin that react very fast to products that used hard chemicals, so it's kinda problematic when comes to choosing right products for me.

I was so into skincare that whenever I travel to, I can't stop myself from buying local skincare product, I wanted to try every skincare if possible =D I have a say, keep changing your skincare products as it will loss effects after a long term used. That's why if you ask me what skincare product I use, it's a mixture of so many brand LOL.

My collection from Taiwan, Korea, Japan, New Zealand, Thailand, India, Nepal, Philippines, Australia, and United States xD

My next post, I'm going to introduce products that I'd used in my past and present.
This is my daily beauty routine, if I'm with make up on, it will be :
1) Make-up remover, oil base. Different with the one use to remove eye make up.
2) Cream or Milk base facial cleanser.
3) Normal foam cleanser.
You can skip 1st and choose either 2nd or 3rd if there's no make up. Using cream or milk base facial cleanser will cleanse your skin deeper in pores, I'm sure you will not used to it because there's no foam to feel the cleansing going, but believe it or not, it cleanse better than foam base wash!

After cleansing, 4) apply a layer of toner, you may use cotton pad or just apply it with hand and tap to dry.

5) Dark spot corrector for my freckles.
6) Emulsion, a thin light layer of moisturizer, it's from Korea skincare.
7) Essence or serum, which one you prefer.
8) Eye cream.
9) Day or night cream.
10) Sunblock, important!

Step 6 is not necessary, it's because I got free sample from Korea skincare shop so I use it only :D

A video for you, how the sun sees you and how important to apply sunblock anytime! E-n-j-o-y *winks ;)

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