Hi My Friend ♥

7:04:00 PM

First of all, I gotta say "I'm alive" again teehee...=D

After my superb holiday to -Taiwan-
I'm getting lazy and lazier to update my blog
Well, facebook says it all ;)
so I almost left out and forgot about my blog, oops sorreey dear bloggy!

It's a 12 days trip in Taiwan,
a self-arranged tour! No tour guide, no leader,
everything we search and book through internet.

So, the question that being asked by so many of my friends
"How much did you spend in total?"

 I guess it's a little difficult to give out a total amount,
because everything is depends on your own interest
such as airline, accommodation and transport,
last but not least, your shop list!! xD

To those who knows that I'm going for a photo-shooting,
Haah, very curious about my photos??
Too bad, I'm not gonna show it here :D

I like the make up, hair-do and those gowns,
but I'm quite disappointed with the photos, it doesn't turns out to be like
"Wow, amazing!" Loll too high expectation perhaps.
Somehow, I still enjoy the whole process, that's what worthy!

Guess we'll be planning for the second trip again in 2012?
A big YES! Enjoy while we still can!
The world is coming to the end! xD

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